What To Buy Your Boyfriend On A Budget

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I think it’s a pretty well known fact that boys are difficult to buy for. All they seem to want are computer games (all of which they already own) and money (the most boring gift of all time). Unless you’re able to spend hundreds of dollars to buy your boyfriend aftershave or a new pair of converse, you can find yourself pretty lost. If you’re ballin’ on a budget never fear, there are definitely ways to find your man that perfect affordable gift.

1. Plan a day

Gifts don’t always have to be physical items, they can be experiences too! Buy your boyfriend with a fun day for the two of you to spend together.Take them somewhere fun like Go Ape or Paint-balling, or something more chilled like a picnic on the beach or an overnight trip to your favourite destination. Spending quality time together and doing something different to your normal hang out days can be super fun for both of you and a gift idea that I’m sure no one else will have thought to get them.

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2. Make it a game

Make the gift giving process part of the gift. Set up a fun treasure hunt with funny clues to lead your boyfriend to his gift. It’s a fun activity you guys can do together and it’s way more exciting than handing a gift over. The effort will also definitely be appreciated so you don’t have to worry about the end gift being too elaborate. Even just leading to something like a cute picnic set up in a romantic spot or a den lit with fairy light and a bunch of snacks for a movie night.

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3. Get crafty with memories

If your man is a bit of a romantic at heart this is the one for him! Decorate a simple cardboard box with cute pictures of you guys or illustrate it with fun drawings and will it with fun memories and bit and pieces you’ve collected through your relationship: pictures you’ve taken together, a ticket to a show you saw together, a note from when you passed noted to each-other in class. Not only is this a really cute and thoughtful gift it means you don’t even have to buy your boyfriend anything brand new so it’ll save you a ton of money. You can also add to it continuously over the years and have it to look back on in the future.

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4. Shop second hand

Thrift shops and charity shops have some awesome clothes, just because they’ve been worn previously it doesn’t mean they’re any worse of a gift. You’ll also find that a ton of items in second hand shops also still have the tags on! Why buy your boyfriend a $150 Ralph Lauren shirt when you can get the same one for $15 in a thrift shop! If you feel super uncomfortable with buying clothing second hand check out the other bits and bobs they have: belts, hats, vinyl records, even furniture! There’ll definitely be something for your man in there somewhere.

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5. Bake him something

Ever heard the saying the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Yeah, and for good reason. We all love a sweet treat, take the time to bake your man his favourite cakes/cookies and wrap them a cute little hamper of treats. Chuck in a couple of his favourite chocolate bars/sweets and savoury snacks to make the hamper of his dreams. You could even just have him over for a special birthday dinner, cook him a three course feast of all his favourite foods. The effort will definitely be appreciated!

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Whilst spending a ton of money on buying your boyfriend loads of expensive treats is lovely, not all of us are fortunate enough to be in a position to do that. That being said, money really isn’t everything and I truly believe that the best gifts are ones that people have put time, effort and a lot of thought into: it truly means a lot more. If you have any other ideas of what to buy your boyfriend on a budget please leave them in the comments!

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