5 Best Places for Students to Study Outside School

1 24 - 5 Best Places for Students to Study Outside School

We have come up with 5 great places to study for students outside of school. We have all been in that position where we need to study but cannot find space at school, or simply do not want to commute very far from home. These options will also work for students who attend class online, or individuals who work from home. Silence can be very hard to find, so we hope these options are great solutions for you.

1. Local Library

Many libraries have silent or quiet levels for students to study. Some may even have small rooms/cubicles for individual study sessions. These places are designated for no talking at all, not even whispering. However, if you can’t get a seat on this level, you should still be fine studying anywhere in the building. A library’s main rule is to be quiet or keep your voices low, so even if people are whispering, you should still be able to focus a lot easier at a library.

2 23 - 5 Best Places for Students to Study Outside School

2. Cafe

Cafe’s are known to be too loud to study, but if you go during the day when everyone is at work and school, you shouldn’t have any problem finding quiet. If there is some background noise, a great noise blocker are headphones. Simply play some instrumental music in the background and your surrounding will fade away. Due to the noise, some students find cafes more useful for meeting with groups on projects, or editing assignments such as videos or creating Powerpoints.

3 22 - 5 Best Places for Students to Study Outside School

3. Home Bedroom/Living Room

If you are home during the day alone, it shouldn’t bee too hard to find a quiet place to study. For instance you can curl up in your bedroom and study. If you don’t trust yourself not to fall asleep, you can always find a room in your house without a tv and study there. Some examples maybe the kitchen table or the living room couch. If you do have someone in your house with you, a good solution is to go somewhere in the house with a door to block out the noise. Add this with a pair of headphones, and you will think you’re the only one home.

4 22 - 5 Best Places for Students to Study Outside School

4. Shared Office Space

There has been in a flux of shared office space opening for individuals to work or study in the past few years. These building are office space that can be rented or used for a small fee per month. Basically, you can rent an office space for a required amount of time to work on school activities or work projects. This may not be a viable solution for students who attend school physically, but it may be a great solution for students who attend school online or those of us who work from home. An example in Toronto for shared office space is WeWork Toronto.

5 18 - 5 Best Places for Students to Study Outside School

5. Your Job

If you are a student who works part-time at an office, you can find a small place to study before you start work. Especially, if you work shift hours, you can sit at a vacant cubicle or room before you begin work to study for a few hours. It may not be the ideal place for you to study, but it will work if you have a tight schedule. Also, if you don’t want to be bothered by your boss or coworkers to start earlier, try to find a corner of your work where no one goes. Maybe even check the lobby of your office building.

6 15 - 5 Best Places for Students to Study Outside School

Where is your favourite place to study? Are there more than one? Comment down below! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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