The 10 Best Beauty Products From Lush

1 15 - The 10 Best Beauty Products From Lush

If you’re not already obsessed with Lush, a cruelty-free beauty and skincare brand, then you’re probably curious as to which of their many amazing products you should try. Here’s the ten BEST beauty products from Lush that you should check out first!

1. Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub

Possibly the most loved Lush product, Ocean Salt has cultivated many admirers over the years for good reason. This face and body scrub effectively exfoliates and brightens through the blue sea salt layered on top of the hydrating avocado butter formulated with lime and coconut oil. It also has a lovely citrus scent that’s reminiscent of your favorite drink as it also contains limes extracted in vodka!

2 16 - The 10 Best Beauty Products From Lush

2. Mask of Magnaminty

If you have problematic skin, you should probably give this infamous Lush mask a try. If you have sensitive skin, it would probably be best to avoid this product as it’s quite powerful and effective. Its very minimal tingling sensation lets you know that it’s actually working to deep-cleanse your pores. Mask of Magnaminty also contains exfoliators of ground adzuki beans that would guarantee removal of any dead skin.

3 15 - The 10 Best Beauty Products From Lush

3. Honey I Washed the Kids Soap

This sweet-smelling soap might have you fooled enough to eat it! Lush is known for its clever names, especially this one that’s based off the 1989 comedy movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Once you give this gentle and moisturizing soap a try, you’d want the soap’s lovely honey scent everywhere!

4 15 - The 10 Best Beauty Products From Lush

4. Jumping Juniper Solid Shampoo

Who said shampoo has to come in a bottle? Fragranced with juniper berry oil and lemon-lime, package-less Jumping Juniper solid shampoo will have your hair feeling clean and shiny for the day. This Lush staple seeks to tackle oily hair issues by managing oil production through the juniper berry oil.

5 11 - The 10 Best Beauty Products From Lush

5. Sympathy For the Skin Body Lotion

Sympathy For The Skin is another one of Lush’s play-on-words, grabbing inspiration this time from The Rolling Stone’s famous tune “Sympathy For the Devil.” This body lotion is by far the most hydrating (and best-smelling!) of them all, containing cocoa butter, almond oil, and bananas in its formula. You’ll feel instant hydration once you generously apply this luxurious, mildly-sweet smelling cream on dry areas.

6 8 - The 10 Best Beauty Products From Lush

6. Shimmy Shimmy Solid Body Tint

Perfect for days in the sun or a fun night out, Shimmy Shimmy literally makes you glow. It has very tiny pieces of glitter to add a little sparkle in your life. This body tint is also adorably shaped like a heart and smells of soothing vanilla and lavender, making it hard not to love!

7 6 - The 10 Best Beauty Products From Lush

7. The Comforter Bubble Bar

One of Lush’s original and continuous best-sellers, The Comforter really delivers in its promise to bubble up your bath! Most efficient consumers usually split this gigantic bubble bar into quarters, using each one for one use instead of immediately using up the whole bar.  One quarter can give you just enough bubbles for a bath in a standard tub, and you can save the rest for later!

8 2 - The 10 Best Beauty Products From Lush

8. Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb

Dragon’s Egg is the most fun on this list of Lush products, since it gives you a mini show once you plop it into your warm bath water. Like other bath bombs, it fizzes, but what’s unique about Dragon’s Egg is that while it fizzes there are small pops of various colors that appear in the water. Shaped exactly like its namesake while smelling amazingly citrusy, Dragon’s Egg amazes and attracts awe, even if it’s only for a couple minutes.

9 2 - The 10 Best Beauty Products From Lush

9. Mint Julips Lip Scrub

This sugar lip scrub will have you licking your lips after each application! Mint Julips effectively takes off dead skin from your lips and also contains a mild minty flavor for freshness when you lick off the sugar scrub. This lip scrub from Lush can be used as much as you need, especially in those moments where you need your lips ready to be soft and kissable!

10 3 - The 10 Best Beauty Products From Lush

10. Karma

Although this isn’t a single product, it is a scent that all Lush-fanatics adore! You’ll instantly recognize the combination of earthy patchouli and citrusy orange scent that makes Karma irresistible. Because it’s so popular, the Karma scent now comes in multiple different forms of a body lotion, shower bomb, perfume, bath bomb, and bar soap. You can never get enough of Karma!

11 2 - The 10 Best Beauty Products From Lush

Which Lush beauty product is your must-have? Let us know in the comments below!

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